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Things You Might Save in Your Monroe Home after Fire Damage

3/3/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians removing flooring with fire damage Fire damage restoration includes debris and odor removal from your Monroe home. Call SERVPRO to get the process started.

SERVPRO Evaluates Monroe Homes Recommending the Best Fire Restoration Approaches

A fire has varied impacts on a home. Significant damage to your valuables can demoralize you because you may not know what you can save. Even if insurance can cater for the cost of replacing items lost to a fire in your Monroe home, you might still prefer to keep things that have sentimental value. The materials that makeup items are the main determinants of whether you can save them. Glass and metal items are more likely to be salvageable than wood and fabrics, which deteriorate quickly from heat exposure. 

How a Monroe fire damage incident unfolds also determines what can be salvaged or not. When firefighting is timely, damage from flames and heat is contained before spreading over vast areas. Therefore, the main issues are smoke deposits and moisture accumulation. Smoke residues are dark and acidic, so they cause significant soiling and staining. Our SERVPRO technicians help reverse this type of deterioration thorough cleaning and drying. 

Salvageable items include:

  • Kitchenware
  • Smoke damaged electronics
  • Lightly charred furniture
  • Glass and metal structural materials

Kitchenware primarily includes glass and ceramic utensils. Exposure to extreme heat conditions can cause cracking. However, the most common effect is deep soiling and staining from the soot accumulating on their surfaces. Even items locked away in cabinets are heavily soiled since smoke driven by convection currents concentrates in colder areas of a property during a fire. Our SERVPRO technicians simplify the restoration of such items using advanced immersion cleaning such as ultrasonic cleaners, eliminating any lingering soot staining, "Like it never even happened." The ultrasonic cleaner has a tank where the soiled items are dipped. The system then produces millions of bubbles and implodes them instantaneously, creating an effective yet non-invasive agitation force that strips away stubborn soils and stains from the surface of items.

Light or Moderate Fire Damage

You can salvage many items with light or moderate damage from heat exposure or residue accumulation. Identifying such damage early and kick-starting restoration procedures in time improves the chances of salvaging them. An example of light damage is an accumulation of smoke residues in electronic items or appliances. Slight charring of furniture items can be light or moderate damage. 

Electronics can be saved if not directly affected by the flames. They require a unique restoration approach since their internal components are delicate and can be easily damaged if cleaned with water or if you power the item when the circuit board is caked with soot residues. 

Salvaging Electronics Requires

  • Dry cleaning to remove surface residues
  • Damp wiping to clean wet soils or stains
  • Maintaining room temperatures above the dew point

Since soot is essentially carbon, it readily conducts electricity. When its circuit boards are layered with soot residues, powering an item can lead to short circuits and thus permanent damage. Our SERVPRO technicians clean the exteriors and prepare appliances for inspection and cleaning by a third party specializing in this process. Since the air in a home is humid after fire damage, corrosion of internal components is another risk that might leave your electronics unsalvageable. Our SERVPRO technicians set up dehumidifiers to regulate humidity levels or supply heating to prevent cooling to the dew point whereby condensation would occur, leading to rust.

SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe offers access to specialist skills and advanced technologies, thus improving the chances of salvaging items affected by fire damage. Call us at (318) 345-5121.

Likely but Unexpected Outcomes in Monroe Homes after Water Damage

3/3/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment in a water damaged home demolished to the studs When responding to water damage incidents in Monroe, our SERVPRO technicians use the proper drying techniques.

What Water Restoration Procedures SERVPRO Takes in Monroe Homes

When you realize a broken pipe or a roof leak in your Monroe home, there are some things to expect. Wet floors, walls, and contents are all typical outcomes. However, water damaging a resilient floor such as tiles or the development of significant physical changes such as carpets stretching beyond the usual dimensions are not the likely expectations you have after water damage incidents. Several other puzzling things can develop in the course of the restoration.

Involving Monroe water damage professionals whenever a water-related incident affects your property is essential since any unusual issue can be dealt with accordingly. SERVPRO also facilitates inspections to reveal hidden problems. 

Specific puzzling issues include:

  • Stretched carpets 
  • Water penetrating tiled surfaces
  • Gradient moisture leaves materials wetter at the core

Carpets are installed to fit the dimensions of a room perfectly. Therefore, if you notice folds or wrinkles that imply the carpet is suddenly larger after a water intrusion, you may not understand the outcome. Carpets are made from different materials, and moisture exposure causes many problems. One of these issues is reducing their tensile strength by up to 50% when wet. However, stretching does not occur automatically because a carpet is wet. Other actions such as subjecting the carpet to significant physical forces such as heavy foot traffic or dragging heavy furniture or appliances over its surfaces cause such changes. Rigorous drying procedures can also lead to such stretching. Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians take various precautions when handling cleaning to avoid adverse outcomes.

When you notice wet structural materials, it is common to consider the wetness as uniform or at least the concentration to be heavier at the surface, where exposure starts, compared to the core of the material. However, sometimes the moisture concentration may defy norms. A moisture gradient can form whereby materials are wetter at the center than the surface. This pattern can interfere with water restoration procedures since moisture from the core areas keeps replenishing the dried sections as the surfaces dry. Therefore, drying efforts may seem inexplicably unfruitful. Alternatively, you may think that there is minimal moisture because of the dryness close to the surface. Our SERVPRO crews probe wet areas thoroughly before starting restoration. A simple tool like a moisture meter with probes to penetrate porous surfaces helps establish the amount of wetness involved and its spread patterns through a material. 

Water Damage in Unexpected Areas

Materials in a house can be broadly categorized as porous and nonporous. When the porous materials absorb moisture, it triggers changes from within, thus leading to damage. Most nonporous materials are resilient to moisture exposure. That is why areas such as bathrooms, laundries, or kitchens where water is constantly used have tiled floors and walls to withstand moisture exposure. However, sometimes water reaches beneath tiles causing significant deterioration. Typical reasons for such penetration include grout deterioration or cracks and gaps between the tiles.

Another standard expectation after water exposure is a high likelihood of reversing damage, especially when action is taken in the early stages. However, for composite materials such as laminated wood, swelling or deterioration of the glues holding the materials together leads to permanent damage. 

If there is water beneath tiles, you have to demolish the area to deal with the wetness and remove deteriorated materials. SERVPRO uses advanced technologies to counter these problems by improving extraction, limiting moisture migration, and controlling the drying process.

Some specialized resources for these tasks include:

  • Drying mats 
  • Drying chambers
  • Cavity drying equipment

SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe is ready to help with any issues after water damage in your property. Call us at (318) 345-5121.

How SERVPRO Responds When Monroe Properties Have Mold Damage

3/3/2023 (Permalink)

Containment barrier set up in a hallway of a school with mold damage Containment barriers protect unaffected areas of your Monroe home from mold damage

Why Is Inspection Essential in Monroe Homes Before Mold Restoration Procedures?

Mold is an insidious problem, especially when it proliferates in hidden areas rather than openly. The response needed to counter such contamination is unique to the affected individual or property. SERVPRO tailors solutions to meet the expectations of the Monroe homeowner while ensuring we address all aspects of mold damage.

Once your Monroe home develops mold damage, the outcome depends on your efforts to remediate the problem. For instance, leaving the contamination unaddressed for long creates the perfect opportunity for it to spread throughout your home. Once we arrive at your property, expediting the remediation is one of SERVPRO's main objectives.

Inspection is crucial for faster remediation because it helps identify:

  • Moisture sources and contamination spread patterns
  • Level of soiling from mold
  • Deterioration levels in materials

It is easier to avail sufficient resources for the job with the right information. For example, if there is an active leak causing water stagnation in open or hidden areas, a restorer can avail appropriate extraction equipment. Our SERVPRO technicians use powerful extractors to remove surface water. Special extractors such as drying mats are necessary for water trapped in concealed areas beneath tiles or wooden floorboards. Otherwise, demolition is required to open up such spaces.

Timing Mold Remediation

An inspection helps improve the scheduling of the different mitigation tasks necessary to combat mold. Remediation involves several procedures. Some can run concurrently, while others have to be scheduled consecutively for the best outcome. For example, cleaning before doing demolition is a waste of effort. You can only plan for a task if you know it is necessary.

Everyday mold remediation tasks:

  • Setting up containment
  • Controlled demolition of materials
  • Cleaning mold colonies and residues
  • Drying and deodorization

Containment is necessary when contamination is significant in one area of your home. Containment takes different forms, including sealing HVAC ducts, setting up plastic sheet barriers, and establishing clean rooms or decontamination areas. The inspection done by our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians helps establish which of these tasks to do or what to omit.

Clean rooms are essentially mold-free zones that you can safely occupy while the rest of the house is undergoing remediation. When our SERVPRO technicians set up barriers isolating the contaminated areas from the rest of the house, we establish negative air pressure to keep all residues within the contained area. We also use manometers to inspect the barrier to ensure airtight seals. We also use an air filtration device with HEPA filters to remove particulate matter that might cause problems in the clean rooms.

After containment, we can do the necessary demolition and cleaning. We make precision cuts to remove drywall, insulation, and other heavily contaminated porous materials during demolition. Cleaning requires a thorough method that does not introduce moisture in the structure. Methods like vacuuming or damp-wiping with antimicrobial detergents are sufficient since mold colonies are usually limited to the surface. If we need to clean semi-porous surfaces such as the solid wood within the structural supports, we can opt for more aggressive alternatives like wire brushing or sanding. The extra effort is necessary since the mold has root-like hyphae that leave it embedded in surfaces.

SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe can help find the right solutions for your property after mold damage. Call us at (318) 345-5121. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO’s Fast and Efficient Water Removal Saves Monroe Homes

3/2/2023 (Permalink)

Water On Floor Contact SERVPRO to effectively tackle the water damage in your property. Call now!

SERVPRO Uses Advanced Water Removal Equipment in Monroe

Water accumulating on your property after incidents like burst pipes, ceiling leaks, or faulty plumbing can cause irreparable damage if not removed promptly. SERVPRO techs use industry-leading technology and equipment to pump the accumulated water out of your property as soon as possible. 

SERVPRO's technicians use various pumps and extractors for water removal in Monroe homes. The types of equipment techs use depends on the amount and location of water in the building and whether the water contains any sediment and debris. 

The Role of Electric Submersible Pumps in Water Restoration 

An electric submersible pump is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that SERVPRO techs use during a water restoration project. As the name suggests, it is a small pump that remains submerged in the water while in operation. As the pump works on electricity, they are an excellent choice for water extraction in occupied homes. We can provide a power source with our gas and diesel-powered generators inventory.

Submersible pumps have a wide range of capacities. The small units can move between 100 to 18,000 gallons of water per hour, while large industrial units can move 1000 to 6000 gallons per minute. The type of pump used depends on the amount of water on the property. Some advantages of electric submersible pumps that make them the top choice of water restoration experts include the following-

  • Quiet and continuous operation
  • Can work on the standard 115-volt connection
  • Have a discharge head of 69 feet, making them ideal for extracting water from basements
  • They can be used in occupied spaces

High-Pressure Pumps

These pumps can provide a discharge head of up to 360 feet and are ideal for removing water from underground structures like basements and parking garages. 

Call SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe at (318) 345-5121 for a fast, 24/7 service you can trust.

Cleaning Up Monroe’s Storm-Related Water Damage Is Not Easy

3/2/2023 (Permalink)

inside flood damaged home; drywall removed to studs; SERVPRO equipment seen drying room In our area, flooding happens. Our team has the equipment and training to restore your home.

We Are Monroe’s Go-To Water Damage Remediators

Cleaning up after one of Monroe’s periodic floods is never an easy task and generally requires professional assistance. Such events often submerge local homes in feet of polluted water and subject them to a myriad of microbial threats. As a result, excess moisture and harmful microorganisms usually compromise structural elements, destroy possessions, and completely foul interiors.

Fortunately, SERVPRO’s highly-trained teams of water damage technicians in Monroe know how to handle your storm-related water issues. As an experienced biohazard cleaning company, we have successfully handled everything from minor ceiling leaks to extensive flood restoration projects involving major sewage cleanup efforts. In carrying out their work, our experts:

  • Employ their trained eyes and state-of-the-art gear to swiftly inspect your residence, assessing its level of impact and determining how to address the damage found most effectively
  • Rapidly extract any floodwaters from the lower floors of your home with powerful extractors and professionally dispose of remaining flood waste
  • Locate all areas and materials affected by excess moisture with infrared cameras, water sensors, and moisture meters
  • Proceed to dry interiors, including even the hardest-to-access places, with air mover-dehumidifier-Injectidry system networks
  • Restore/replace impacted structural elements, like flooring, walls, and ceilings, and remediate electrical components, such as light fixtures, wall outlets, and switches
  • Thoroughly clean your home’s air ventilation network and deodorize its flood-affected interiors

Together, these procedures help ensure that all of your property’s flood-related problems are properly dealt with, structural materials are saved from further water damage, harmful bacteria and fungi are prevented from causing future problems, and interiors are returned to their pre-event condition.

So, with this in mind, if you ever require fast, high-quality black water damage remediation, don’t hesitate to call your helpful friends at SERVPRO of Monroe/West Monroe. We are always available and ready to answer your call at (318) 345-5121.

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Monroe House After Fire Damage

1/2/2023 (Permalink)

hydroxyl generator working Hydroxyl generators eliminate smoky odors during fire damage restoration in Monroe area homes. Ask SERVPRO to restore your home!

Get Technical Help for Fire Restoration in Monroe

Even though not all fires burn houses to the ground, the smallest of fires can cause a lot of damage in your household due to soot, smoke, heat, and the water that might originate from the fire suppression system or the firefighters. This mess leaves you with the task of restoring your house to its preloss state. Failing to act quickly after a fire could cause more damage, like rainwater entering your home or mold growth, which can inevitably raise repair costs.

It would help if you avoided falling into that unfortunate situation since SERVPRO is ready to perform fire restoration in your Monroe residence. Even if you contained your fire and got it extinguished quickly, the damages caused by smoke, soot and water can be pervasive. These elements increase the likelihood that every item in the affected rooms needs cleaning in the least. This might include ceilings, walls, flooring, personal items, and furniture. Our main process consists of these steps:

  • A thorough inspection
  • Removal of soot
  • Water removal
  • Using hydroxyl generators or thermal foggers to remove odors.

Soot is oily, which means it stains substances readily. To remove it to prevent it from spreading the stains to other items, our SERVPRO team can use a heavy-duty vacuum to suck it up.

Removal of smoke odors is another crucial step in SERVPRO’s restoration process. Since the smoke odor may have permeated every textile item in the room, we use hydroxyl generators for deodorization. These produce oxidizing agents that react with the molecules causing the smells and, in effect, do away with it.

Also, your house’s structural elements might soak up the smoke odor due to the heat causing pores to open in wallboards. The smoke can remain trapped in the pores when the house cools down. To handle this, SERVPRO applies the thermal fogging process, which enables us to open the pores and neutralize the odor particles.

Hesitation can condemn your house to destruction. Contact SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe at (318) 345-5121 for efficient fire restoration services. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Appropriate Mold Remediation for Monroe Properties

12/2/2022 (Permalink)

mold inspection form on a clipboard From inspection to remediation--Rely on SERVPRO to protect your Monroe property "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Matches Mold Mitigation to Monroe Property Needs

In most cases, you realize there is mold in a property when surfaces like walls and ceilings start discoloring. However, the colonies can proliferate without visible signs. Such hidden infestations cause severe deterioration because they take longer to notice, thus giving the fungus time to consume organic materials such as cellulose, leaving wood frail. Only comprehensive mold remediation by a professional team like SERVPRO restores your property to its preloss state.

It would be best if you did not wait to schedule mold remediation at your Monroe property. Early signs can alert you that there is a problem, thus ensuring you do not carry out the exercise in futility. Some reasons why SERVPRO may recommend remediation include the presence of a musty smell or the aftermath of a water intrusion incident. Such remediation starts with an inspection to identify affected areas.

Common Mold Hotspots Include:

  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Ceiling corners
  • Tile grouts in often wet areas
  • Cabinets and other enclosures

When mold is not visible on surfaces, inspecting the suspected areas helps reveal the actual conditions in the concealed areas. Inspection can be non-invasive or invasive, thus causing significant damage to the structural areas. SERVPRO opts for methods that cause the least destruction, if any.

Typical Non-invasive Inspection Procedures

  • Drilling exploratory holes
  • Checking for hidden moisture
  • Probing structural surfaces with hand tools

Executing the Remediation

The information gathered from the inspection determines the appropriate remediation procedure. For light infestations, a bit of cleaning and drying resolves the problem. If the problem is advanced, material removal and biocide application are some of the necessary procedures. Our SERVPRO technicians can perform the required controlled demolition to remove wall panels or disassemble cabinets and countertops to reach the hidden colonies.

SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe can help identify all areas affected by mold and execute appropriate mold remediation procedures to halt further development. Call us at (318) 345-5121. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Water Damage Threats to Monroe Shops

11/8/2022 (Permalink)

a broken copper pipe with water leaking from it When a burst pipe threatens to shut down your business, team SERVPRO can help. We are standing by 24/7 - 365 days a year for your emergency.

Fully Understanding Water Damage Concerns

Shops and boutiques are part of the ever-expanding retail opportunities in the Monroe area, so when threats from water derail your availability, it can hurt your presence with customers. SERVPRO professionals understand the urgency of managing loss conditions in these structures. They have effective means of controlling water threats on several fronts to get you back in business with as little impact on your boutique as possible.

The Pooling of Water

The first concern with water damage in Monroe shops is water pooling on surfaces. Burst pipes or leaks can begin to allow water to pool, especially on shallow carpeting without padding underneath, a standard installation in commercial complexes. We start by quickly addressing these particular concerns with a handful of powerful extractors in our inventory, including submersibles, wet vacuums, and carpet wands.

The Impact on Building Materials

Building materials and how the spreading water impacts them can also be important for restoring your business. Often the walls of commercial structures are thin and consist of little more than a steel framework, the utilities hidden in the wall system, and the outer drywall layer. Ceiling assemblies are even less complex. It is then easy to assess the impact of water and determine where the action is required, such as controlled demolition.

The Damage to Your Inventory

With shop cleanup and recovery, one of the most glaring needs is protecting the wares and inventory of the structure. There are situations where relocation elsewhere in the building is possible if the cleanup zone is relatively manageable and smaller. Still, pack-out is also possible to have more peace of mind and safely store these contents at our SERVPRO warehouse until restoration completes.

How Can SERVPRO Help Your Shop?

SERVPRO is a trusted team of experienced professionals with Large Loss training for commercial settings. We have several ways that we can help when disasters strike, including:

  • Extraction
  • Structure Drying
  • Repairs
  • Content Relocation
  • Surface Cleaning

When your Monroe shop suffers water damage, trust our SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe team to help clean up the mess. Call us today at (318) 345-5121.

How Flood Damage Occurs to Monroe Homes During Storms

9/4/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with furniture floating around After flooding in your home, you want the damage to be dealt with quickly. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for certified technicians and professional equipment.

SERVPRO Prepares for Many Types of Flood Damage

Flooding is an occurrence that many around Monroe have contended with in their home's lifetime, and some in lower-lying areas remain susceptible to this when severe storm systems pass through. Understanding how flooding can occur in your home makes you better prepared to react quickly when these conditions arise to get experienced restoration professionals like our SERVPRO team there to help.

Roof Damage Flooding

Flood damage to Monroe homes can often occur through roof vulnerabilities. Not only does this cause attic flooding, which can be a challenge to restore on its own with the needed roof repairs and confined space to dry, but migration of moisture can also impact the main living areas.

Flash Flooding and Rising Exterior Water

Water entering the home from the ground level outside is a situation many properties have witnessed over the past years. Flash floods are violent and aggressive, overwhelming areas of your home before counteractive measures can be taken. In these situations, extraction must be the first consideration to prevent more of the house from becoming damaged.

Structural Damage from the Outside

External impacts, such as trees falling in your yard and onto the structure, can be an opening for water penetration. Responding professionals will need to cut up the tree and remove it, patch the building, and begin work on cleaning up the flood damage inside.

SERVPRO is Here to Help

We have talented and certified restoration technicians ready to help when disaster strikes. Flooding often impacts multiple homes simultaneously, so we keep our roster of water restoration professionals prepared to mobilize fast with:

  • Extractors
  • Air Movers
  • Carpet Wands
  • Cleaning Products
  • Mold Inhibitors

Flood damage can be a threatening situation for area homes, especially when cleanup and mitigation do not start quickly. Our SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe professionals appreciate the urgency of disaster relief, so we are ready to help 24/7 at (318) 345-5121. 

We Have State Of The Art Equipment To Restore Your West Monroe Home

8/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment in a garage of a house Regardless of where the leak starts, team SERVPRO can help with effective water removal and remediation services. We are standing by 24/7.

Water Cleanup West Monroe – Unsalvageable Items

Even a small amount of water can do a great deal of damage. Area rugs, carpeting, throw pillows, books, pictures, various papers/magazines and more are going to be soaked. Furniture may also be exposed to water from a broken window or water seeping through the ceiling.

SERVPRO provides water cleanup services in West Monroe for all types of water damage situations. We have the equipment and know-how to recover and dry your contents to mitigate the damage to your home or business.

Develop a Cleanup Plan

Our SERVPRO crew chief is usually first on the scene. His or her job is to assess the damage and ensure that the site is safe. The crew chief arranges for the appropriate equipment and resources to be deployed to remove the water, recover the contents, dry everything, and restore your home.

Water from plumbing leaks is one of the most common situations we encounter. In these situations, our focus is to remove the moisture using water extractors, dehumidifiers, and air movers. All items with hard surfaces are wiped down and removed to a dry location.

Difficult to Restore Contents

Our team's objective is to return your home to its original condition, “Like it never even happened.” However, contents that are sensitive to water, such as papers and documents, must be handled very carefully. Contaminated water cleanup situations also present additional challenges.

SERVPRO technicians review every water damaged item in your home. A plan is developed to restore those items and discussed with the client. Restoration of documents, pictures, and books to their original condition presents particular challenges. It may be possible to partially restore some of this content with appropriate drying techniques for the client.

While SERVPRO focuses on water cleanup and recovery, our sister company can also handle complete restoration and reconstruction of your home or business. Together we can provide a turnkey operation using our licensed contractors.

Call SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe at (318) 345-5121 for 24/7 serve. We serve the towns of Bawcomville, Richwood, Sterlington, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.